Music for a Vampire Information:

Music for a Vampire is a thrilling narrated/musical audio book, for the first time Special Edition also includes instrumental versions of tracks! Available on Digital download.

M4AV follows the life of a young girl name Ellie who has her life turned upside down after being killed and brought back as a vampire. The story asks the question, just HOW WOULD a young girl cope with this and deal with the exciting, yet dangerous powers it brings. Rather than simply be a gore fest with dramatic music (yes Music for a Vampire goes there too) it also takes you the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotion as Ellie's loss impacts her family and friends.

Music for a Vampire's original cinematic score, it's emotional music, will quite literally go from inspiring heart pounding action, to tears as such a young girl articulates this to you the listener.

Featuring a beautiful score, original recorded choirs with East Bay Children's choir, California and beautifully recorded woodwinds, make this production really stand out as something special.

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