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VIP Membership data

Kathryn does not store any personal data when you purchase music from this site. If you are ordering physical items such as CD's then for the purpose of fulfilling your order your address will be stored as well as contact details i.e email. This data is stored as standard by payment vendors, usually Paypal and is not stored by directly. Your data or purchase history will
NEVER be shared with third parties.
If you ever require help with an order, information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

When subscribing to my music and videos via Patreon (coming mid 2016) your subscription and data are entirely held by Patreon, for example date subscription began and so forth. No other data is held on
This website uses widgets provided by Facebook & Twitter, I'd like visitors to my site to understand that these entities can gather data on external sites (like my own) via the Like buttons and use it to track which websites you are visiting outside of their own. This data is however very limited and is only any use if you are already with them in the first place, as such, having information that you visited pales in comparison to them holding your photos, habits, birthdate and so on! :) They cannot obtain data on what you have bought (if anything) or not.