The StudioEquipment

The Studio
I first started composing in 1992 with an Amiga 500 and a copy of Protracker. Back then 4 channels of 8bit sound was considered pretty nifty! Things have moved on since then and my studio has expanded over the years, this page talks about the equipment and technical capabilities of my studio.

Mics and Preamps
Mics available are AKG C414 XLII's, Shure SM7b and GAP mkII Ribbon. These can be run through either Focusrite ISA or Neve 1073DPD digital pre.

Numerous 19" outboard gear is available to add some flare to the music, from Thermionic Culture vulture for insane distortion effects, to the Thermionic Phoenix to fatten up percussion etc. Both tube based racks sound fantastic!
The studio also utilises other fx outboard racks, several hardware synthesisers from Supernova II, Roland V Synth, Access Virus, Roland JD800, Korg M1 and several others. All these with their own distinct sound can help me put together some great music for you, all within a professional acoustically treated studio. Multi monitor arrangement also means I can not only A/B your music, but also check it with mono and other systems for an improved mix compatibility.

VST's & Computer processing ability

Finally, for large (or small!) orchestral work, the studio is equipped with a very powerful custom built PC. Running on an Ivy Bridge-E 6 core 12 thread 4th generation intel i7 system with 32Gb of fast memory, a 5TB VST library held on a reliable SSD array. Using many high quality orchestral VST libraries as well as my own private library, ensures you'll get a top notch, big, clear sound!

My work from this very studio has found its way onto numerous titles, from 'Push' movie to 'World in Motion' documentary as well as my audio books 'Music for a Vampire' and scene releases for online radio stations such as Scenesat & Slayradio.