Coming Soon: Gaming Expansion PacksTwitch, YouTube & muters of game music read on!

Ultra high quality game specific music packs for live (and recorded) game streaming.
For the price of a regular album your music problems are over.
And yes! You are legally licensed to stream the music!

We all know the problem. In-game music, as good as it is, gets tiring and ultimately repetitive. We then mute the game music in favour of playing our favourite music soundtracks over the top. Streaming services then detect the copyright license infringements and either mute all the audio or worse, remove the offending video entirely. Sometimes even banning the user or removing their Twitch/YouTube partnership. Paying for copyright costs a fortune and is well out of reach for most game streamers. Picking out 'free' or library music just doesn't cut it usually, it's either not well suited to the game and/or just doesn't have the epicness that your favourite Hans Zimmer track does.

Enter our music expansion packs!
With recordings performed in the very same hall, using even the same equipment as greats such as Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and so forth, we set out to create game specific stream friendly music in the style and quality of film composers.
Television and film composer Kathryn LJ (contributing composer Push movie 2009, audio contributor Caravan to Midnight- John Wells show 2016, Music for a Vampire 2013) together with other experienced guest composers are bringing you ultra high quality music of epic proportions in a series of packs.
These packs will cater for a range of games in different musical styles. You can play them in the background 'til your hearts content with absolutely no takedown or copyright infringement notices provided you have bought the pack legitimately. For just the price of a regular album, you are supporting composers like myself and avoiding video takedowns. Not only that, but you get cool music that everyone is going to be asking where you got from!